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While geniuses make their billions working in dad’s garage, ordinary people go to college. Well, if they can get themselves admitted. There’s one obstacle between the student and the desired education, and it’s called college essay. How to make an inspiring and winning piece of writing? Let’s find out together!

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Here’s the truth: in order to create a good essay, you need to have a certain experience in that. However, where do you get one? We have listened to the experts sharing their recommendations on “How would I write my essay” and ready to tell you the most important of them.

The main thing everyone insists on is to have an idea or an inspiring thought. You don’t describe the way you play with younger brother in the backyard every Sunday in your college admission essay. There should be a deep narrative, telling about your views, hopes and desires.

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Another wise recommendation you will hear from any essay helper is to tell your own story. It means that you shouldn’t copy someone’s works or ideas to make yourself look better.

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